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This kit is a direct drop-in kit for a stock AAP01 : you directly put your replica inside the kit. No modifications required of your replica : just screw the bolt link to it, insert it, screw the two halves, and you are good to go! The hardware placement can be seen on the pictures.

There is only a single downside to this kit : the fire selector is innacessible when the replica is in the kit (the AAP01 really has a bad selector design for these kind of modifications). Full or semi, you need to choose before assembling the kit!

I recommend the kit for the fans of futuristic stuff, exotic stuff collectors, and CQB enjoyers. The kit allow you to have a really long barrel is an extremely compact package, with a very, very high maneuverability. The overall format reminds a bit of the P90, but with a much more ergonomic grip.

You can install the vast majority of AR15 handguards too. There is one included (the one in the videos and pictures), but every handguard with a flat surface at the back are compatible (the one with the 2 small wings covering the receiver on AR15 aren't compatible).

The kit itself feels quite sturdy when assembled, the AAP01 inside allows for a high strength. You will need a fully stock AAP01 : no rail, no custom external barrel (but you can keep the front sight). Upgraded trigger should work though! There are 2 trigger links included : a standard and a short stroked one. The choice is yours!

There are 2 buttpad options : a blank standard version or a version with a hole, to attach a sling.

There are 2 body option : Standard version or TDC version, with a small top window to work with the LOKI upgraded hop unit.

There are 2 pistol grip options : Full bullpup SMG style grip or a more verticle sniper style grip


Firing test :

Assembly :


We have permision from the owner of this file to produce these on his behalf with him recieving comission from each purchase. If you wish to print this yourself please find it here:

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review