All items are made to order therefore it is possible that lead times can be up to 4 weeks but customised items may take longer.

3D Printing Resources & Creator Credits

I'd like to say a big thank you to all the talented people from the Thingiverse community.

If you've not heard of, it is a place where designers can upload their designs for you to print, edit and give feedback. If you've seen an item that you like in my store but you just want to print it using your own printer then have a look on Thingiverse or check out some of the people credited below.


Creator Credits & Links


Benjamen Johnson. (Electronsmith)

Has some of the most useful and intuitive designs i've seen.

Check him out on Thingiverse, Instagram & Facebook --- this is Ben's main 3D Prints page!


FlyBy Tom

Created the label inserts for the Sortimo boxes and other things.


Brian Zeug

He's tweaked a few of Benjamen Johnson's designs on the packout bins.


Frank Dobb

Has made some great dividers and Organiser centre cups.


Pete Brautigam

M18 and Dewalt power tool mounts.


Daryl Dean

Remixed the Dewalt tool mount to allow for belt hooks.


Bruno Mellet

Some good designs especially the slim organiser inserts.


Oliver Cooling

Has designed some of the Packout middle bins.


Dillon Cody

M18 battery mount creator.


Paul Alfaro

Packout Organiser deep divider


Devin Nelson

Packout Latches


Michael Leinich

Festool hose clips



Festool to kreg dust extractor



Festool end stops



Festool Systainer Mini Inserts 


Robert Locke

Festool Systainer Mini Stacking Inserts


Jörgen Eriksson

Festool FastFix Holder


Vegard Engelund

Festool Battery Mount


Duane Taylor

Dewalt Latch / Clip


Wayne Mully

Bosch 18v dual sided mount


F. Behrens

Bosch GSR FastClick toolhead wall holder


Aurel Bordewieck

Bosch Ixo Auxiliary Head Tool Holder


ender togaç

Bosch 18v battery wall mount bracket


Chris Cockrum

Bosch 18V Drill Bracket


Mi Sc

Bosch 12v wall mount


David Miao

Guide rail mounting bracket


Danny Mokomoko

Flexvolt battery clips/latches


Vernon Hill Jr

Packout Latches



DeWalt Deep Pro Organiser Bins


Matteo Cattelini

Milwaukee heavy duty drawer dividers


William Craig

Milwaukee slim organiser tray insert for 3/8" sockets


Marcus Lunt

Milwaukee M12 pruning saw oil guard


Miron Zadora

Cable Comb


Fivespeed Fatty

Cat5 / Cat6 Clips


Chris Benishek

Milwaukee Radio / inflator hanger