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Embedded Magnet Dispenser Tool For 3D Prints & Miniatures

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Product Overview

Magnet Dispenser for 3D Prints & Miniatures: Simplify Magnet Insertion with Precision 3 For The Price Of 2

The Magnet Dispenser Tool is expertly designed to streamline the insertion of magnets into 3D prints. This tool not only speeds the process of inserting magnets into models, it also ensures correct orientation and secure fitting, making it ideal for projects that require precise magnet placement.

Key Features

Dual Dispensers for Perfect Alignment

  • Includes two dispensers – one for north-up and one for south-up orientations
  • Use different colors (e.g., red for north-up and blue for south-up) to help easily identify the dispenser's orientation
  • Eliminates the hassle of misaligned magnets

Design and Utility

  • Developed after extensive refinement
  • Allows for friction-fit insertion and is also suitable for magnets that need gluing
  • Tapered tip facilitates use in tight spaces

Ease of Use

  • The dispensers are designed to accommodate the specified magnet sizes for their internal holding magnets, but can dispense magnets of any diameter and varied thicknesses

Convenience and Storage

  • Features a snap-on cap with an embedded magnet and a top slider magnet
  • Ensures secure storage and prevents accidental magnet spillage

Use the Magnet Dispenser for a hassle-free, precise, and efficient magnet insertion experience in your 3D printing projects & Models.

Supported Magnet Sizes

Dispensers are now provided for the following magnet sizes:

  1. 2x1mm, 2x2mm, 2x3mm
  2. 3x2mm, 3x3mm
  3. 4x2mm, 4x3mm
  4. 5x2mm, 5x3mm
  5. 6x2mm, 6x3mm
  6. 8x2mm, 8x3mm
  7. 9x2mm, 9x3mm
  8. 10x2mm, 10x3mm
  9. 12x2mm, 12x3mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review